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Photon, our consult-driven application, bridges communication gaps throughout the continuum of patient care by facilitating secure sharing and discussion of decision-making data available anytime, anywhere.

    The image of better care.

    Photon is an elegantly designed collaboration platform that makes a life-and-death difference in the way medical professionals manage care.

    With unique features such as a mobile PACS viewer and instant notification of medical events on your smart device, Photon dramatically speeds up consult times and supports fast, accurate clinical decisions on the go.

    Hiring. Veterans. First.

    At Photon we value our men and women of the Armed Forces and their families.  Whenever possible we look to provide an opportunity for one of our open positions to be filled with someone who has sacrificed so much for the freedom and lifestyle that we enjoy every day.

    We stay plugged into organizations, like the Pat Tillman Foundation, who share our passion for remembering those who have served.

    See what Photon can do for you

    Why Photon?

    Communication sits at the heart of quality patient care, but it’s more
    than just texting. We believe that to make communication truly
    effective, you need data.

    • Communicate directly inside the patient chart.
    • Get caregivers the information they need to work quickly and accurately: Labs, Full Radiology Imaging, Reports, Notes, etc.
    • Grant access to coworker conversations to coordinate care.
    • Extend your communication network to Primary Care, Urgent Care, etc.
    • Reports help administrators see response times and manage caregiver burden.
    • Retrieve a complete record of communication regarding a patient and store inside your EHR for future reference.

    Learn How Photon Can Help
    Accelerate Clinical Decisions.


    Photon accelerates accurate and timely communication among healthcare providers by pairing mobile access to a focused patient chart with the ability to asynchronously communicate.

    Simple to Use

    Photon via a smart device facilitates immediate patient evaluation upon consult receipt. Users are able to make and communicate a snap decision that often crucially impacts patient outcomes.


    Photon meets all HIPAA requirements. Patient data is encrypted and stored in HITRUST Certified secure servers.

    Can your doctors see all PACS instantly on their smart device?

    The answer is no—if you don’t have Photon. Because only Photon gives you a mobile PACS viewer that will show you the actual image or study, in crystal-clear, high definition.

    This isn’t a picture of the X-ray; it’s the actual X-ray image. Or ultrasound. Or catheterization, CT, MRI or any other medical imaging you need to see. If it’s in your hospital’s information systems, it’s in your hands—instantly—with Photon.

    Photon enabled hospitals and physicians can do more.

    6 minutes

    Average Specialist Response Time


    Increase in ER Physician Satisfaction with the Consultation Process

    28 minutes

    Focused Specialty ER Length of Stay Reduction


    6 Month Average Usage Growth

    Worried about hitting your 60-minute balloon time on STEMIs?

    Then you need Photon—STAT. It’s the future of Care Team Mobilization, available today. With literally the touch of a button, Photon sets your entire STEMI team in motion. More importantly, it provides them with all the critical information they need to make the 60-minute deadline.

    That’s because Photon not only sends notifications directly to each member of the team, it includes EKGs, labs—the full patient chart—in clear, easy-to-navigate files on their mobile device. By the time on-call physicians reach the hospital, they are completely up to speed and ready to operate.

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