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Our customers receive these benefits

Communicate in the chart.

Combining communication with patient information is the secret to true coordinated care. Users won't need to waste time finding computers and logging into disparate systems to reply to messages. Everything they need to make clinical decisions is right at their fingertips.

Relevant patient data

Along with the communication comes the relevant patient chart. This includes lab results, full radiology imaging (including CT Scans, etc), radiology reports, transcriptions and notes, demographics, and vital signs. We have an industry leading user experience that people love and is easy to learn, all right there at their fingertips.

Mobile access, anywhere, any time

The Photon system can be accessed via web browser, native iOS device, or Android device. All the user needs is an internet connection and they can quickly access the information they need and communicate with other caregivers in the system. It is really just that easy.

Unlimited user accounts

Our security and pricing allow you to create as many users as you need at no additional charge. As our system sits in a secure cloud, you can grant access to people both inside your hospital and out. With full control over security down to the field level, and our extensive auditing system, you can easily manage access and know who is viewing what.


Photon offers a full range of reports. You can see consult response times for the hospital, specialty, and even down to the individual user. We combine messaging usage with payor mix and time of day to allow you easy insight into caregiver burden. Because our messaging is tied to a patient chart, you can also see a message trail on a per patient basis.

Audit and messaging records

Photon keeps a full log of every user generated message, image, and video along with a complete audit trail of access to patient data. Our system is unique by tying these elements to a patient chart and allowing a feed back into your EMR for later review. Nothing is ever lost and information is ready when you need it.

Primary Care notification

Photon allows you to automatically notify primary care physicians when their patient has been admitted, and later discharged, from the hospital. Our system can give PCPs access to relevant patient data on the go, access to communicate with other caregivers, and even get a discharge summary after the patient has left, all without the need to fax a single document.

HIPAA compliant

Photon rests in a HIPAA Compliant cloud environment at ClearDATA, a hosting provider that specializing in healthcare. Our system uses 2-factor authentication and provides a host of administrative tools so you can manage users, permissions, and mobile access. We've been vetted by some of the largest healthcare providers in the country.

On-call scheduling

Photon ships with a robust on-call scheduling application, allowing users to see who is currently on-call by specialty at any time. We supply mobile applications for users along with a web-based administration tool that is as easy to use as drag-drop. Quickly create schedules, manage changes, and notify users of their schedule throughout the month.

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