Photon Benefits

As your communication platform, Photon covers a wide range of features and benefits. We are built around caregiver workflow so you get the maximum value and maximum adoption. We are far more than just a secure messaging system. We are a coordinated care platform.

Communicate in the chart.

Drastically reduces the average time to get a response, and ultimately a clinical decision, from an on-call specialist in the ED

Relevant patient data

Contributes to the accuracy of the clinical decisions from ED on-call specialists, due to access to ALL relevant patient data

Mobile access, anywhere, any time

Reduces the burden of call and positively impacts the quality of life enjoyed by a specialist while taking call in an ED

Unlimited user accounts

Reduces caregiver interruptions by allowing “when ready” or asynchronous communication to occur during the provision of care


Moves the care continuum forward by “pushing” notifications to appropriate caregivers in real time when relevant data becomes available

Audit and messaging records

Reduces confusion surrounding communication pertaining to multiple patients and/ or diagnoses via patient centric architecture

HIPAA compliant

Organizes and automates the on-call schedule in the ED via a rules based scheduling engine

On-call scheduling

Reduces “door to door” times for ER patients

Reduces ER wait times and “walk aways”, thereby improving patient loyalties

Reduces diversion hours for busy ERs

Finally allows for reporting on a multitude of critical indicators that show performance, burden, response time, time to clinical decision, etc... in the ED on-call space

Finally provides metrics allowing for hospital administrators to better manage the costs of on- call stipends in the ED

Impacts the patient experience (satisfaction) by improving the communication from caregiver to patient (e.g. sharing photos, x-rays, etc.)

Reduces the number of necessary mobile computing solution licenses, such as CITRIX or RSA, and the associated costs

Eliminates the need for any other secure messaging technology, and the associated costs

Delivers all transcriptions, including discharge summary, to identi ed PCPs / ACOs thereby improving continuity of care

Captures entire information exchange (including clinical photos) between caregivers, unlike current telephonic communication methods, allowing for increased accountability and reporting

Improves surgical supply selection and reduces sterilization costs by including vendors in surgical planning process

Reduces case cancellation rate by improving the accuracy of procedure planning in the OR, including collaborative medical clearance and proactive notification of completed pre-op testing

Positively impacts LOS and readmissions due to accurate diagnosis and treatment

Improves outreach e orts and the associated volume by allowing isolated facilities to connect with and transfer patients to a more capable facility

Bolsters physician network and impacts loyalty of the hospital’s physician “splitter” population

Improves the relationship and the associated volume with community physicians (PCPs / ACOs) by alerting them to their patients’ activities and outcomes when visiting the hospital

Improves continuity of care by allowing hospitals to “courtesy credential” other facilities or providers who may be receiving a patient and allowing them access to the relevant patient data, including post transfer test results that become available

Aids in nursing information exchange and clinician to clinician communication, likely resulting in happier nurses and reduced turnover


Patient Charts

Simple and secure clinician access to patient Demographics, Labs, Radiology, Transcriptions and more.

Anywhere, Anytime

Access Consults, Patient Charts, Photos and Videos from your mobile device.

Introducing Chat

Our own HIPAA-compliant messaging application offers seamless unification between secured messaging and Photon.



Receive alerts for Consult Requests, Labs, Radiology, Transcriptions and other patient data.

Safe. Secure. HIPAA-compliant.

Patient data delivered with military grade encryption and HITRUST certification.


Track Consults, response times, and view audit reports from the enterprise to the provider.