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Save Time, Money, and Lives with Photon

When hospital communications break down, or when clinical decisions are made with the wrong or incomplete information — or decisions that are delayed for hours instead of minutes — what exactly is at risk? It isn’t just your bottom line. Yes, Photon saves time. It also saves money. But far more importantly, it can save your patients!

Impact Satisfaction for both Caregivers and PatientsBy combining a HIPAA-compliant messaging application with a secure, encrypted, cloud-based data center, Photon connects you to your hospital’s EMR for better outcomes all around:

  • Reduces the burden of call and positively impacts the quality of life enjoyed by a specialist while taking call in an Emergency Department

  • Reduces caregiver interruptions by allowing “when ready” (asynchronous) communication to occur during the provision of care

  • Aids in nursing information exchange and clinician-to-clinician communication, likely resulting in happier nurses and reduced turnover

  • Improves the relationship and associated volume with community physicians (PCPs/ACOs) by alerting them to their patient’s activities and outcomes when visiting the hospital

  • Impacts the patient experience by improving the communication from caregiver to patient, such as sharing photos and x-rays during hospital rounds

Photon provides:

  • Patient-centric messaging architecture

  • Push notification technology (patent pending)

  • Collaborative caregiver communication

  • Easy-to-get, complete relevant patient record

  • Secure, accountable, and auditable system

  • System built by physicians who use it daily

  • Page-and-wait delays

  • Frequent caregiver interruptions

  • Inconsistent verbal descriptions

  • Constant telephone tag

  • Ambiguous diagnoses / sub-optimal outcomes

  • Unnecessary patient care delays

The benefits of Photon are clear to see

  • Timely and accurate clinical decisions

  • Dramatically reduced consult times, from hours to minutes

  • More effective ACO management for reduced costs

  • Faster throughput

  • Seamless patient handoff

  • Decreased ER length of stay

  • Streamlined workflow

  • Increased referrals, admissions and revenue

  • Detailed auditing and reporting

  • Improved patient satisfaction

  • Happy doctors

Better healthcare outcomes

About PhotonPhoton Medical Communications is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant “patient information and communication system,” developed to enable timely and accurate clinical decisions using a secure, patient-centric messaging protocol to communicate and collaborate between caregivers. Designed and developed by physicians, technologists, and healthcare business professionals, Photon is changing the way physicians and caregivers interact with their patients, obtain and diagnose their patient’s information, and interact with each other, facilitating much improved medical workflow. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Photon was developed as an advanced mobile computing software solution for hospitals, ACO’s, physician practice groups, physicians, and nurses, as well as the extended caregiver community. For more information about our solutions or to schedule a demo, visit

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