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Alan Motush, PA

​It has saved me thousands of phone calls and countless hours this last year! 

Drew Carlyle

Photon has improved communications with specialists and admitting physicians.

Dr. Christopher Savage

Once you start using it, you won't remember how you ever functioned without it.

Dr. Dudley Hudspeth

This is lifesaving. Immediate evaluation of patient imaging while on the phone with an ER physician makes care of dissection and aneurysm much easier and safer.

Dr. Layla Shanah

I often work at different hospitals with different EMRS. I fumble through trying to gather relevant patient information in a painful, time consuming process Photon is very user friendly and easy to navigate. It saves me a lot of time and effort.

Dr. Michael Sumko

It allows me to work more efficiently and receive my results faster. I love the fact that I can check on two or three patients results while standing in an elevator.

Dr. Monique Chang

Photon is simple to use, and allows me to document communications with my consultants without extra effort.

Dr. Tanja Gunsberger

I receive quick updates on labs, consults, and patient location. This goes a long way, since logging into the portal from home or the office is extremely cumbersome.

Joshua Leahy, PA

Photon has revolutionized my practice in the hospital.

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